Fanfic -- System Check

Title: System Check
Fandom: Transformers
Characters: Cyclonus, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime, First Aid, Scourge
Prompt: None
Word Count: approximately 3800 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Cyclonus is on trial by the Autobots
Author's Notes: Written because the idea got into my head and wouldn’t get out.

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A lil angst and a hello!

Hey! I haven't posted in forever so I just decided to drop in and share my love with everyone.

I'm feeling a little down today. New and old people come and go in my life a lot, and it seems like I'm constantly standing still while the world is moving around me at rediculous speeds. People get lives, move on and I lose contact with them. Maybe they're tired of waiting on me to pick up my snail's pace. I constantly feel like I'm in a life-rut, and I'm running around in circles. I feel real friendless and alone most of the time because I'm so shy and antisocial. So, I guess I'm just stopping by to angst a bit.
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Return of the stalker man

My lovely stalker is starting to friend my LJ journals. Even my pathetic little RP Only journals, which means I may be either posting less often then normal to LJ, changing account names and hoping the idiot takes the hint this time (Again grr!) or just setting everything private. You'd think removing his name and any user name that has to do with him from my friends list would be a hint for this guy! At this point, he's more aggrivating then anything to me. Silly ass stalker man. And I thought I had no life!

Mu* Ranting

As a RPer, and a MU*er, I do not mind being known for my RP. As a matter of fact, I'm proud of being known for almost 13 years of it. I don't have many talents, but RPing is something I think I do fairly decently and I enjoy doing very much.

I'd also like to be known for the RP I've done in the past /decade/. It's nice to remember where I came from, but I'd like to move /beyond/ that. I've been involved in hundreds of thousands of riveting hours of RP since 1997 on many more games then I can count and been through loads of characters. I still play some of the same characters, but I've taken different takes. I'd like to think I've matured some RL life wise too, so I'd like to think my whole personality and life has changed since I started out 13 years ago.

Then why must I continue to go back to people who only remember me for things I did and only for things I did wrong 10 years ago? That's why I'm happy for the places I've made my home mush. They remember me for the mistakes and for the accomplishments I make recently, not for things that I do before time was time itself.

Creepy Stalker Man

Well, after two years of living in Dayton, the worst thing that could happen happened today. I ran into this guy that stalks me every now and then that I really don't want anything to do with. I mean the guy's creepy as hell. I didn't want him knowing what color car I drive, or where I live or any of that crap, and now he just might come bothering me again. He's not dangerous or anything, I just don't want to deal with the drama involved in a Stalky Mc Stalkpants. I have no interest in having his stalky mc stalk babies or dating his stalky mc stalk face and I think that's about as nice as I can say it. Creepy eww!

If it gets bad enough, I'll flee town. There's nothing holding me here but a...job at..relay? Um. Yeah. Nothing holding me here. I'm not going to stick around if he starts up drama or something. I don't take that kinda crap very well. Ew.
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The Great Wolf Escape

Sorry about the lack of posts as of late. I've been having some problems with depression recently. It's something that happens every now and then. I'll get all cranky want to do absolutely nothing but run away from everything or explode at everything simultanously. In the end, it's normally healthier for all involved if I take the first approach.

This time, since I had some money I was squirreling away for a uber vacation in the bank, I decided to use some to de-stress. Who knows if or when the uber vacation thing will happen, and I really needed to get out of the house and think about things. Kathy and I were at each others throats on Tuesday and we realized we were fighting simply because we had nothing better to do then fight, be scared and act miserable about our lack of finances. Sure, we're in a bad spot, but we've been worse and sitting around blaming one another for illnesses, depression and lack of finances isn't going to help things. So we decided to do something we have never done before. We went on a spontaneous overnight trip.

I looked online at a new resort type place called the Great Wolf Lodge that is about a half hour south of us and noticed they had a back to school special now that the kiddies are back to school and all of their hotel rooms are open for about half the price it'd normally be to go. It's one of those family type places where you can go and stay in a big ole suite and run around a waterpark all day. So we decided what the hell. We're off work the next day and we didn't feel like sitting around yelling at people online or anything so we made a reservation and headed on down.

It was a really nice place. Our Triple A discount got us a "family suite" which was their smallest room, with two queen beds, a sleepaway sofa, a tv with cable (lovely cable) a huge shower that could bathe seven and enough pillows that if we had the energy we could have the pillow fight of the century. There were a bunch of little restaurants on property and an arcade and a place that sold really good fudge and this very very scary animatronic clock that we decided comes to life terminator style and patrols the halls during 'hibernation hours' between 11pm and 7am to keep the kids in bed.

All and all it was very relaxing and the most fun I've had in a long time. I feel ready to come home and face the world again, so mission accomplished.
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(no subject)

Spent the day at the career center at the local community college taking career placement tests to try to see if I'm on the right track as far as going for the type of work that fits my interests and abilities. Once again, I tested for high for technical work and was told I'd be good at Computer networking. Which I know is a growing field.. in other parts of the country. Dayton's a beautiful city, but really has no growth potential in the type of work that I have qualifications for. It's kind of depressing, really. But then again, the way the job market is I should be happy I'm employed these days :/ I'm not even sure I should bother with trying to go back to school at this point. There's really nothing out there, unless you qualify for a RN and I'm not nursing material. Ah, well. Back to the call center.
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